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August 22, 2005

Kleiman's and Satel's gyrations

More on  Kleiman's and Satel's gyrations around the pot vs meth issue:

Dr. Kleiman's brief 8/19 blog entry
cites Kate Zernike's article (the one quoting him) in taking a swipe at Joe
Califano for echoing John Walters' tough stance on medical marijuana. it's
interesting to see how prohibitionists break ranks in public. Without mentioning
Satel's NYT piece, Kleiman staked out the same position, i.e., it's a mistake
to crack down on medical marijuana at the expense of meth enforcement (even
though neither tactic "works").


The ironies are even richer; Satel's NYT Op-Ed
went so far as ridicule the "gateway hypothesis' by citing a pivotal 2002
paper by Morral et al which demonstrated mathematically that some "common
factor"  might offer a better explanation of the pejorative associations
which had made  "gateway" so attractive to NIDA and legions of researchers
for three decades ( after the first blush of enthusiasm, it had never merited
consideration as an hypothesis- let alone a "theory').

US NY: OPED: A Whiff of 'Reefer Madness' In U.S. Drug Policy

My article in O'Shaugnhessy's had identified Morral's common factor as the
unrecognized, but invaluable role pot has played as a safer alternative to 
alcohol and tobacco for troubled youth since the late Sixties.

My article:
Cannabis Use in Adolescence: Self-Medication for Anxiety

Dr. Tom

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