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March 16, 2007

Letter to an Editor

The following was just sent to the SF Chronicle which, considering that it's been at the epicenter of the medical marijuana movement for over ten years, has done a pathetic job or reporting it, let alone even demonstrating an understanding of what has been happening under their noses. That criticism applies to the previous ownership and even more so to the Hearst Organization which recently purchased the name

Today's chron, which also manages to frustrate attempts at linking to its jealously guarded news items, carried typically clueless stories on developments in both the Raich and Rosenthal cases...

San Francisco Chronicle
To the Editor

An  even more convincing example of vindictive prosecution for daring to grow medical  marijuana took place last year in Fresno when sixty-year-old  Dustin Costa was convicted by a federal jury on the day before Thanksgiving. As proof that not all federal judges have similar views on either 'justice' or what their position entitles them to do, Costa, who, like Rosenthal, had no previous criminal record, and was charged with growing an equivalent number of plants, was sentenced to the fifteen year maximum by Judge Anthony Ishii, whose rulings throughout the trial  defied ordinary logic while reflecting a scrupulous respect for all  prosecutorial arguments.

Ironically, Costa was one of four people free on bail and defending themselves against state charges who were re-arrested after their cases were summarily transferred to federal jurisdiction following the pusillanimous Raich decision, also discussed in today's Chronicle.

Further evidence of systemic federal vindictiveness is that shortly after his conviction in February, Costa was transferred from Fresno to another county jail in Bakersfield for no apparent reason. There, he continues to await  assignment to a federal prison while remaining even more completely isolated from visitors and supporters who have neither the wherewithal nor access to widely read media enjoyed by Rosenthal's supporters throughout his ordeal.

Equal access to equal justice? I don’t think so.


Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at March 16, 2007 05:22 AM