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April 01, 2007

Update on Dustin Costa

This morning, I received a voicemail message from a stranger who was calling through the same commercial 'service' that's been transmitting the telephone calls I'd been receiving from my friend Dustin Costa ever since his abrupt post-sentencing transfer from the Fresno County Jail to the Kern County Jail in Bakersfield to await  definitive assignment to the federal prison where he will begin serving the balance of a 15 year sentence for growing medical marijuana. I understand the foregoing sentence involves several complicated ideas, each of which might require an explanation, but will defer them all to report one simple fact: Dustin was transferred in the middle of the night without being told where he was going. The message from the strange voice also said he would write me from wherever he was sent as soon as he could.Thus does our government trifle with the emotions of those in its care,a travesty confirmed by censored media reports about detainees in known locations like Guantanamo, as well as in an unknown number of 'undisclosed locations.'

Later this afternoon, I received a letter from Dustin, written on March 26th, which he asked me to consider posting on this blog. I certainly will do so as soon as I'm able; primarily because it has great merit as an original idea, but also because it is convincing evidence that he simply does not belong in prison.

Dustin is a political prisoner who is being unjustly punished for daring to question America's fraudulent drug policy.

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at April 1, 2007 05:41 AM