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May 13, 2007

Adding to the Indictment (Medical)

Ten days ago, I posted a protocol (Pot 4 Meth) suggested by Dustin Costa for dealing with probationers and parolees with known methaphetamine problems. Basically, it called for their voluntary use of inhaled cannabis, an agent known for its long term safety, as a meth substitute. Also for the results to be closely monitored by drug testing, with retention dependent on participants remaining amphetamine free. It’s not likely anyone reading Costa’s proposal would see it as one with a chance of being adopted anytime soon in the present US political climate, even though there is considrable evidence that cannabis already serves as a less problematic ‘substitute’ for alcohol and other drugs.

 A recently launched method for treating problematic amphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol use, the Prometa Protocol, is now in active use and being heavily advertised. Basically a proprietary treatment plan administered to outpatients by specially trained physicians at 12-15 thousands dollars a copy, It’s also being promoted in advance of any clinical evaluation of the method itself. Finally, although the three drugs it relies on have been approved by the FDA, their use in this instance is ‘off label’.

 Prometa’s boosters rely heavily of testimonials, endorsements and frequent reference to the  various prestigious institutions that have already signed contracts for what amount to  Prometa franchises. Some ads have also exhibited questionable taste.

Despite reservations expressed by some normally treatment-friendly organizations, and the checkered past of its chief promoter, it’s a program that’s being taken seriously by investors.

Doctor Tom

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