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June 23, 2007

More of California’s Confusion (Political)

Yesterday’s entry offered a partial explanation for two wildly disparate numbers: public support for medical use of cannabis, now estimated at between 60 and 70 % in many states, and last year’s miserable failure of a bipartisan effort to garner even tepid Congressional approval of the same concept (38.6%).

That public support is still growing has recently been evidenced by  introduction of new bills in states lacking an initiative mechanism. That it’s still narrowly focused on the “seriously ill” is evident from the Connecticut governor's veto of a successful bill.

At the risk of adding a bit more complexity to an issue that already seems a bit too confusing for many of the Californians actively participating in Proposition 215’s evolution (but seemingly unaware that an evolution is taking place), I’m adding a reference to a commendably accurate report on the recent increase in pot docs, dispensaries, and patients by Ethan Stewart in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Medical marijuana is only one of several topics Stewart has researched, but he’s done such a good job in the May 3 piece, I hope he’ll revisit it often.

Doctor Tom

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