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July 24, 2007

Drug Policy Reform; still a loser (Political)

Yesterday’s (obviously) hasty entry was uploaded just a few minutes after the East Coast starting time start of the You Tube debate in Charleston. I was concerned about time because I was conducting a little personal experiment: although reasonably certain that the filters that have so efficiently  protected our absolutely stupid drug policy from honest scrutiny for decades would easily defeat the new format, I was, as usual, hopeful I’d be wrong and quite curious to see just what would happen.

As usual, my hopes were dashed. Not only were “marijuana” and “drug policy” never mentioned; early detailed reports made no mention of their absence. The conspiracy of silence has survived for a while longer.

Of course, it’s not really a conspiracy; the candidates, CNN, and that great unknown, the General Public didn’t get together and plan to ignore the drug war. They simply did what people have been doing forever: followed their craven instincts. The vast majority of chronic pot smokers stayed safely in the closets they have become so used to since the Reagan era; the Media went on being careful not to offend the federal government, and the candidates— to the extent they even thought about the issue— undoubtedly heaved sighs of relief.

All of which prompts a number of rhetorical questions: how is it that a costly, rigidly enforced, and failing policy focused on an illegal drug that’s been tried during adolescence by at least half of all adults born since World War Two ended not provoke any questions? Especially when its “medical” use is being stubbornly approved by an increasing fraction of voters whenever they have a chance to vote anonymously?

The situation is actually worse than that brief synopsis implies; the current administration is one of the most despised in American history; it’s engaged in a losing war, and the economy is less reassuring than at any time since it recovered from our debacle in Viet Nam.

It’s still early here in California. I must soon be off  to Oakland and another medical marijuana clinic. Will take a crack at answering my own rhetorical questions as soon as time permits.

Doctor Tom

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