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July 04, 2007

On the New Curia and the Limits of Hypocrisy

As we celebrate another national birthday, it may be useful to imagine what our founders might have thought about a Supreme Court that will be dominated by five Roman Catholic men for another ten or fifteen years and perhaps a lot longer. That’s merely one of several bizarre developments in the second term of an inept administration mired in controversy, trapped in a losing war they were warned against, and now openly despised by a majority of Americans.

Some birthday.

The nominal leader of the new Curia, Chief Justice John Roberts, surprised very few in assuming that the witlessly provocative banner, “Bong Hits 4 Jesus,” somehow advocated “drug use” and, as such, justifies further restricting the Constitutional rights of juveniles. After all, hadn’t the Court ruled earlier  that students could be required to urinate into a cup to prove drug purity before participating in extra curricular activities? Will it surprise us when this same body eventually decides that the privilege of attending public school requires similar confirmation?

As for the limits of hypocrisy in the 213th year of our Republic, there seems little fear they will be reached before November ‘08; especially since there was essentially no recognition by mainstream pundits that the greatest hypocrisy implicit in President Bush’s characterization of Libby’s sentence as “excessive” relates to the mandatory minimums for drug offenses now being served in federal prisons. The most egregious example may be Dustin Costa, now serving fifteen years following the execrable (and highly questionable) transfer of jurisdiction to the feds in his state case by a now-disgraced DA.

Is this a great country or what?

Doctor Tom

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