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January 09, 2008

Good News, Bad News (Personal, Political, Historical)

The first item under “good news” is that the Harm Reduction Journal has finally “published” the peer reviewed article they accepted in November. it’s a lot more readable in final format than the provisional Pdf because the tables and graphs are much easier to interpret. The significance of that article for me was that it established the reality of the specific population of chronic pot users I’m continuing to follow and will be able to update from time to time. It also gives me a lot more leeway for using the blog to analyze related news, a poignant current example of which is the Frontline report on the Medicated Child  that was broadcast for the first time yesterday and is available for viewing online.

The bad news is that since 2003, I’ve been writing about the same general issues covered (very well) by Frontline, and  have been  pleading with both my fellow Pot Docs and the “reform” community for their understanding and support. Both have, so far, been largely withheld for reasons I have gradually come to understand, but am becoming increasingly impatient with.

I’ll have a lot more to say about these and other troublesome  issues in  the near future, but— as usual— I'm very pushed for time and will have to quit here...

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at January 9, 2008 05:57 PM