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February 02, 2008

Fan Mail from the Gulag

From:    Dustin Costa #62406-097    FCI    1900 Simler    Big Spring, TX 79720

To: Dr. Tom O'Connell

Hi Doc,

Thanks for sending along your latest blog entries laying out the tie-ins to the rise of anxiolytic drugs, the beginning of Medicare, the disappearance of state run mental health institutions in the 1960's, and the subsequent switch in responsibiility for "Mental Health care" to state and federal prisons that the War on Drugs has produced. The way you are developing it, your Blog is an excellent way to expand the lessons of your clinical study. Perhaps your most salient point is that the War on Drugs is a hoax.

Right now, reform is practicing a strategy based on the critically ill and dying model. But if the War on Drugs is a hoax, then in the over-all scheme of things, the critically ill or dying model is ill suited as a strategy. In fact, I believe the fruits of that model are being reaped in the form of a growing perception that the "movement" is deceptive and opportunistic. On the other hand, I also believe if reform attacks the War on Drugs for the hoax that it is, using what we have learned about marijuana to support our side, we would enjoy more credibility and probably more success in advancing our cause.

I hope that someday the lessons of your study will sink in and open up the thinking of our reform movement leaders. Will that happen? I don't know - I doubt it actually. It would be like the high priests in Jesus' time inviting lepers into the temple -or worse - embracing Cheech and Chong.



cc: Dale Gieringer, Fred Gardner, Steph Sherer, Deje Coutee, Vanessa Nelson, Chris Conrad, Steve Kubby, Mike Gray,  Bill McPike

Posted by tjeffo at February 2, 2008 08:41 AM