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March 01, 2009

The News overtakes Reaiity

I’d obviously had no idea that as I was posting the last entry, Rush Limbaugh was in the midst of a jaw-dropping escalation of his already unprecedented attack on a sitting President. Isn’t His Fatness jumping the gun a bit? After all, the 2012 election is still nearly four years off and he’s already had his hat into the ring for over a month.

On a more serious note, the visceral quality of Limbaugh's hatred is on display for anyone with the wit to recognize it; perhaps the most sobering realization is that he will retain a substantial following of true believers who, although considerably less articulate, are just as consumed by rage. If this sorry event proves anything, it's that human emotions do play major roles in both our cognition and our behavior, which is clearly one of the major implications of our opportunistic study of pot smokers and, I suspect, the primary reason so many people have been pretending not to see/understand it.

Limbaugh's outburst calls up another well-known incident, one for which he, like Cindy McCain before him, could easily have been prosecuted, had they not been so well-connected.

While we're on the subject of American "Justice," here's a convenient collection of articles on the treatment of Americans who had every reason to believe they were being protected by an initiative that had been allowed to stand following repeated reviews by both state and federal "Supreme" Courts. Nevertheless, they have since been prosecuted by federal authorities and many are now serving obscenely disparate sentences.

Pardons for most, if not all, would send a powerful message.

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at March 1, 2009 08:42 AM