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August 09, 2009

Mystery Explained

In an earlier entry I called attention to the outrageous treatment of a straight-arrow Morro Bay dispensary operator named Charlie Lynch whose life was turned upside down by a DEA raid and federal prosecution carried out while the feckless Dubya was still disgracing the Oval Office, but whose sentence was to be imposed under Obama shortly after Eric Holder had "confirmed" there would be a new approach to Medical Marijuana on his watch.

But apparently common sense and justice cannot be retroactive, even under "change you can believe in." Holder's Justice Department turned down a judge who was obviously seeking some leeway and had already demonstrated uncommon courage by imposing a comparatively light sentence.

However, given the extraordinary medical circumstances in this particular case, just the raid and prosecution were abominations. That they were instigated by a remorseless and arrogant sheriff was recently made abundantly clear when he was interviewed by John Stossel. What's now also clear is that we have some truly evil people in California law enforcement.

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at August 9, 2009 02:06 AM