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September 28, 2009

Another Take on Legalization

Willie Brown was a poor black youngster in rural Texas before he came to live with an uncle in San Francisco in the early Fifties so he could go to college. Working his way through school, he soon earned a BA from San Francisco State and a law degree from Berkeley. Entering politics, he went on to become one of the most influential members of California's Assembly, which he led as Speaker for a record fifteen years. He was next elected as San Francisco's first black mayor just in time to guide the City to dot com prosperity while gaining national prominence for his charisma and political savvy. He's also had his share of criticism for questionable deals and controversial decisions. Now in his mid seventies, he’s a widely read columnist who is not shy about offering opinions on key issues.

He’s also just become the latest (in Sunday’s paper) to weigh in on pot legalization. While it takes courage to disagree with Willie on a political issue in California, I thinks he’s wrong for the vexing reason of juvenile use. Since the most troubled “kids” start trying pot as early as twelve; arresting them nearly 10 years short of an arbitrary limit is simply irrational, yet so long as the age of 21 is enshrined in federal law, you can count on the current bureaucracy to defend it to the death and Congress to go along.

Thus I think it will take some additional factor before Congress is finally persuaded to second guess its tragic four decade blunder.

Doctor Tom

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