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September 18, 2009

Further Evidence of Cluelessness and a Powerful Gray Market

Apropos of the last entry’s contention that the feds are being undone by the commercial strength of the gray market enabled almost 13 years ago by Proposition 215, was this item in the NYT on pot’s growing popularity on the small screen.

Just by chance, it was gleaned from today's e-mail, which also led me to another item demonstrating the lack of comprehension of their own specialty my psychiatrist colleagues betray on a daily basis, courtesy of the combined malign influences of the drug war and the DSM. Trevisan is right that the oldest boomers will start turning 65 in 2011, but he fails to appreciate that a significant fraction will be chronic users of marijuana who have been benefiting from their 'behavioral disorder" for decades, or that one of the benefits experienced by most has been a reduction in alcohol consumption to safe levels.

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at September 18, 2009 06:22 PM