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August 10, 2010

More of the Same; but with a Twist

There are apparently no limits to the absurdities possible on the Mexican border; nor is there much evidence that either the US or Mexico is capable of learning from past mistakes in their historically futile efforts to “control” drug smuggling. Those efforts began with Nixon’s attempt to interdict marijuana in 1969 and have continued unabated. Over that interval, a panoply of drugs, ranging from Colombian marijuana, and cocaine, through Mexican marijuana and “black tar” heroin and have taken turns being the contraband of the moment, but the lack of success and increasing efforts at interdiction have remained constant.

The latest was an (obviously political) “request” handed to President Obama by by Texas Governor Rick Perry, minutes after Air Force One touched down in Austin yesterday. Citing increasing violence by Mexican drug cartels (appalling, but hardly news) Perry asked for more of the same, but in addition to more troops, he also asked the feds to use the same predator drone aircraft that have been winning us so many friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Given that that the smugglers are often impoverished Mexicans who are primarily seeking to enter the US illegally to work and have been pressed into service by those running the operation, it is difficult to see how unmanned aircraft will do anything but increase the death toll and the resentment attributable to a failing policy.

Perhaps it's time to ask why marijuana had suddenly become so popular in the Sixties and why it's once again in such short supply. Just who is buying all that bammer weed; and why?

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at August 10, 2010 04:52 PM