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April 21, 2011

Who's in Charge at Justice?

No sooner did I chide the Prez for his mixed signals on “Medical marijuana” than there’s news of federal prosecutors in Washington State coming up a mean-spirited requirement that threatens their state-level counterparts with prosecution if they attempt to implement a recent change in Washington’s state’s medical marijuana law.

Such bare-faced defiance of a Justice Department policy clearly announced by both AG Holder and President Obama in 2009 raises obvious questions about who is running Justice, is it Holder and Obama? Or have the lunatics taken charge of the asylum? The whole point of the medical marijuana initiatives that began appearing on state ballots in 1996 was to express (profound) voter dissatisfaction with a high-handed, medically ignorant federal law, the 1970 CSA, passed entirely without updated medical or clinical evidence and citing “principles” in “Schedule One” which had no more medical, legal, or moral authority than the 1935 Nuremberg laws, by which the Nazis formally converted Germany’s Jews into non-citizens without any rights whatsoever.

The crippling flaw in federal law claiming to "control” “marijuana” is that it was completely fanciful. Originally based on the absurd lies of Harry Anslinger. In contrast, the various state laws challenging federal dogma are conservatively written. In any case, the “debate” has been largely uninformed by reports gleaned from what may well be the most reliable sources available: people willing to risk arrest in order to use cannabis over extended intervals because it provided better relief from serious symptoms than legal pharmaceuticals. The idea that such self-medicating chronic users are all "criminals" looking for a good time is as absurd as it is untrue, mean-spirited, and contrary to established fact. That US government employees of our Department of “Justice” would stoop so low is a disgrace to this nation and what it claims to stand for.

Time to fish or cut bait; if Obama can’t control his federal yahoos, he’s lost my vote in 2012.

Doctor Tom

Posted by tjeffo at April 21, 2011 11:59 PM