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September 14, 2013

Mixed Signals from Colorado

I was intrigued by two items aired by CNN Saturday morning that when taken together, illustrated the reality gap that has been developing around events in Colorado, one of two states that voted to "legalize" cannabis in 2012. Both concerned weather, another topical issue I've referred to frequently as an example of the many mutually contradictory beliefs (cognitive dissonance) held by supposedly responsible, well-informed humans on a variety of subjects, most notably politics, religion, and cannabis.

The first such event- or rather catastrophe- involved the flash flooding that caught me completely by surprise, together with an unknown number of stranded travelers and ordinary residents of Colorado communities that quickly began to resemble New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the main difference being that New Orleans is flat and much of Colorado is not.

The other CNN item was about the Pike's peak longboard races that were held less than a week ago. As a pot doc who is much too old to have been caught up in the extreme sports phenomenon, I have nevertheless, learned from many of my patients how popular skateboarding has become among pot smokers, thus I wasn't as surprised as I'd been by the flash flooding.

At least, not until I googled "Longboarding at Pike's Peak" and learned how much skateboarding has evolved since my then thirteen year-old son made one in the mid-Sixties by attaching steel roller skate wheels to a piece of wood .

Doctor Tom

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